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Examine System - V1.5

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Support: YouTube || Website || Discord || Email || Documentation

Asset Demo: Here

Looking for a pack which combines all of my puzzle assets together, at a massively reduced price? Adventure Puzzle Kit

The Examine System is a complete template for implementing your own highlight and interaction system that you will see in a lot horror and adventure games. The system allows you to add unlimited interactive objects that can be examined in a few clicks!

URP/HDRP Examples:
This asset was NOT built for URP / HDRP but I have some example scenes and information in the online documentation, which will help you convert the asset to those pipelines. (It only takes a couple of minutes) Just send an email and I'll be happy to help!

*NEW* - V1.5 - Custom Inspectors, New Sounds, ScriptableObjects, Optimsations, Animation Examples and more!
V1.4 - Inspection Points, Custom Events, Text Highlight and more!
V1.3 - Zooming, Rotation Offset, Initial Distance and more!

Raycast System
Add as many objects as you need
Simple setup and modification
Inspection Points and Custom Events
View, rotate, modify the item name easily
Adjust rotation speed
Add ONE Script and let the magic happen!
Set Initial Zoom, rotation
Customise UI look in the inspector
Audio, Input Managers added and more
Basic models included
Basic sound effects
Fully prefabbed
Online documentation
Full Documentation included
Full C# Source Code

If you have any problems or have a question, don't hesitate to contact me