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Adventure Puzzle Kit - V1.5

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Asset Demo: Here

The Adventure Puzzle Kit is a complete template for implementing all 13 of my popular puzzle assets from the Unity store into your project. The system allows you to use any number of the assets in unison, with a unified raycast and custom written controllers to specify item types with simple dropdowns and cooperation with each.

V1.2 - Adds the "Chess Piece Fuse Puzzle" for FREE! (September 2020)
V1.3 - Adds the "Safe Unlock System" for FREE! (November 2020)
V1.4 - Adds the "Fuse Box System" for FREE! (February 2021)
V1.4 - Adds the "Door Button Interaction" for FREE! (February 2021)
V1.5 - Adds the "Lever Puzzle System" for FREE! + Massive Update (May 2021)

►Huge pack worth over $115 in value!

Examine System
Gas Mask System
Keypad System
Themed Key System
Generator System
Flashlight System
Phone System
Padlock System
Letter & Note System
Chess Puzzle System - V1.2
Safe Unlock System - V1.3
Fuse Box System - V1.4
Lever Puzzle System *NEW* V1.5

v1.5 - Highlight System with Text
v1.5 - Examine ALL puzzle objects if you CHOOSE!
v1.5 - PARTIAL Third Person Controller Demo

Suitable for First & Third Person style games
FULL First Person Controller Demo
Unified Raycast System
Simple Customisable Controllers
Custom audio manager to control and add more audio clips
Custom input manager to help you easily manage all inputs in one place
Custom disable manager for changing disabling behaviours
Combined basic UI setup included
Sound effects: for all systems
Basic Button Door Interaction
Full Online Documentation
Full C# Source Code

If you have any problems or have a question, don't hesitate to contact me