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Adventure Puzzle Kit

Adventure Puzzle Kit

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The Adventure Puzzle Kit is a complete template for implementing all 14 unique puzzle assets within one single system. You can choose to use any number of puzzles, meaning you can use 1 or all 14 at any time. The APK includes: Examine, Gas Mask, Keypad, Themed Key, Generator, Flashlight, Phone, Padlock, Letter & Note, Chess, Safe, Fuse, Lever, Valve systems. All include custom high-quality PBR models, sounds effects and UI.

INSANE VALUE - Huge pack worth OVER $120

Main Features

  • Suitable for first person and third person trigger event style games
  • Full first person controller support
  • Basic Trigger even support for certain assets
  • Simple inventory system
  • 14 unique puzzle assets
  • All puzzle items can be examined, highlighted or kept static
  • Custom audio manager to control and add more audio clips
  • Custom input manager to help you easily manage all inputs
  • Custom disable manager for changing disabling behaviours
  • Full selection of icons and sprites to get you started
  • All set of sound effects for interaction, usage and systems
  • High quality, low-poly PBR 3D assets
  • Simple customisable controllers
  • Basic Button Door Interaction

Systems Included

  • Examine System helps you physically examine interactive items by rotating, finding points of interest and showing text information about the object.
  • Letter & Note System allows you to interact with a 3D object in your game world and open a UI driven version of this object for the player to read. Includes features like multiple page options, reverse note functionality and audio reading.
  • Keypad System allows you to interact with an on screen keypad to input a series of numbers. If the code is correct, you can perform a custom interaction. 3 variants: Modern, Scifi and full keyboard.
  • Generator System allows you to collect a Jerrycan (Which can hold fuel). This can be used to fill the generator or be filled at a fuel barrel. Once the Generator is filled, you can do custom interactions. Jerrycan, Fuel Barrel, Generator models included.
  • Padlock System allows you to interact by moving the padlock spinners, which if matched with a pre-determined combination will allow some type of interaction to open doors/chests, etc.
  • Flashlight System allows you to collect a flashlight and batteries. When the flashlight is on, the battery level will drain and batteries can be replaced. Includes a custom UI and models.
  • Phone System allows you to interact with an on screen keypad, themed like a phone UI. This will allow you to input a number and if correct it will call and play a sound effect. If the number is incorrect a dead dial tone will play. 3 variants: Payphone, Office and Mobile.
  • Themed Key System allows you to collect themed keys and interact with a specific themed door, as seen in popular Resident Evil titles. Featuring a: Heart, Diamond, Spade and Club key design.
  • Gas Mask System allows you to collect a gas mask and filter objects. These must be collected to navigate through an inaccessible area. Filters can be replaced. Includes health and filter UI.
  • Chess Puzzle System (V1.2) allows you to collect included PBR Chess pieces (Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen & King). Input these into a fuse box of your choice (They can be removed at any time). If placed in the correct order, you can do custom outcomes.
  • Safe Unlock System (V1.3) allows you to select a number between 1-14 within 3 different parts of the safe cracking process. If those are correct, it will play an animation and open the door. You can then spawn items of your choice. 6 PBR models: Green, Black and blue (Clean and Damaged).
  • Fuse Box System (V1.4) allows you to collect a set of fuses. If all are placed into the fuse box it, will become powered. Then a custom interaction can be performed.
  • Lever Puzzle System (V1.5) allows you to add a range of levers that must be pulled in a set order. It can be reset and tested at any time. Includes: PBR levers and box controller.
  • Valve Puzzle System (V1.6) Collect a selection of coloured valves and place them on corresponding pipe systems, turn them to activate and produce some custom interaction of your choice. PBR models included.


QUESTIONS? If you have any problems or have a question, don't hesitate to contact me via email


  • Built-In: FULLY supported out of the box
  • URP: Supported but requires slight modification. (<5 minutes)
  • HDRP: Supported but requires additional modification. (15 minutes)
    All details and videos in the online documentation


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