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Generator & Fuel System

Generator & Fuel System

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The Generator System is a robust template designed for integrating a fully-functional generator system into your project. It employs a raycasting mechanism for collecting a Jerrycan, which holds fuel and activates an inventory system. The Jerrycan can be used to either fuel a generator or to be refilled at a fuel barrel. Each action is accompanied by custom UI elements for an immersive experience. The generator has customisation for fill rate, burn rate, rumble options and custom events.

    Main Features

    • First Person raycast interaction
    • Customisable Generator Mechanics
    • Fuel Burning mechanic
    • Rumbling mechanic
    • New filling mechanic
    • Inventory for Fuel Collection
    • Adjustable gauges and limits
    • Easily Customisable Controllers
    • Puzzle Gameplay
    • 3 PBR Models
    • Generator, Jerrycan & Fuel Barrel
    • Custom UI's for each item
    • Full Documentation
    • Online Documentation
    • Full C# Source Code


    • 1x PBR Generator (4096x4096 resolution)
    • 1x PBR Jerrycan (2048x2048 resolution)
    • 1x PBR Fuel Barrel (2048x2048 resolution)

    New Features

    • v1.4 - Infinite Fuel Barrel, new sound effects, new filling mechanics
    • v1.3 - Fuel Burning, Optimisations, Custom Inspectors, New Objects and overall improvements
    • v1.2 - Ease of use update with refinements


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