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Keypad System

Keypad System

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The Multiple Keypad System is a complete template for implementing unlimited styles of UI keypads. The has 4 included variants: Modern, Scifi, Bomb and full keyboard - These allow you to input a varied string code to the length of your choice, which if matched by the player will allow some type of interaction. I have included a PBR Door and controller for testing.

    Main Features

    • First Person Interaction
    • Trigger Interaction (3rd Person interaction)
    • Raycast System
    • Unlimited code combinations
    • 4 Custom UI Keypads:
    • Modern Keypad UI
    • Sci-fi Keypad UI
    • Full Keyboard UI
    • Bomb Keypad UI
    • 1-Infinity Keypad Input
    • Door Interaction
    • Sprites / Textures Included
    • 13 included sound effects
    • Fully prefabbed
    • Full Documentation
    • Online Documentation
    • Full C# Source Code


    • Modern Keypad
    • Sci-fi Keypad
    • Full Keyboard
    • v1.4 - C4 Explosive Keypad

    New Features

    • v1.4 - Added 11 new sound effects & bomb keypad
    • v1.3 - Set multiple codes, interactions and events for unlimited possibilities!


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